iDleFrame for iPad

Picture Frame, Clock & Calendar for your iPad. Get the most from your iPad, even when it is idle or charging in the dock station. Works in both Landscape and Portrait.

Organizing photos by albums allows you to show a set of photos on your desk at work and different set in your living room at home. Photos from your library could be added to multiple albums.

The must-have alternative to the iPad's built-in slideshow.

iPad in Portrait:
Pictures are shown with clock, calendar and date in overlay. You can change the appearance on each component or hide them if you don't want them to be visible. In this mode, the components are locked to avoid accidental changes. One tap on the screen will show the "Unlock" button on the bottom-left corner and the "Settings" button on the top-left side.

iPad in Lanscape:
Pictures are shown on the right side while clock, calendar and date on the left side. One tap on the left panel will show the "Settings" button. It will bring iDleFrame to edit mode.

Group your pictures by album. Set the component properties for each album. You can select the properties from a list of templates or you can set custom properties. If you modify any property, you can create a new template from the new appearance, so in the future you will be able to create new albums with the same properties but different picture list.

Pictures can be set to be shown in landscape or portrait. If you set the picture properties to take less than full screen, you can select a background to fill the empty space. iDleFrame comes with some backgrounds, but you can add your custom backgrounds. If selected ratio is different from the picture ratio (ex: landscape photo on portrait frame, iDleFrame will take the biggest centred area of the picture, but you can move the rectangle to cover the best part of your picure. The area is set on each picture, so you can have a photo showing its left side area while you have other photo showing the center area.

Scheduled black screen:
Some users were requesting a way to turn off the application on scheduled base hours, since they are using iDleframe in Medical/office receptions to welcome users. Now iDleframe allows users to set hours to go to a black screen simulating the sleep mode (real sleep is not possible since applications cannot auto-wakeup later). If "start" time is later than "end" time, iDleFrame assumes the schedule will go overnight (EX: from 8:00pm to 7:00am)

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