Easy to use visual level.

Laser levels are slowly replacing bubble levels in hardware stores. Why?

They allow you to find out inclination level without having to put target
object and level together. There is no need of contact.

Now the same revolution arrives to your iPhone. While there are many bubble level
application out there, requiring to have contact between your phone and the measured object,
iLaserLevel allows you to do the same measurement without taking your phone
beside the target object.

There are some situations where a bubble level doesn't help, like measuring far or hight objects.
Objects that are not at the reach of your hand. In those situations, iLaserLevel will help you.

The application also provides a zoom slider, to make your measurement more precise
based on a bigger target image.

And last but not least, you will have fun showing to your friends how their stuff are not well levelled
at their homes.

How to use it:

  • After applications launches, just point the camera to your target.
  • Try to match one of your target edges with one of the guide lines
    (horizontal or vertical) on the application
  • If they don't match, rotate the guide circle using your finger (faster rotation)
    or using the rotation buttons for 1 degree step rotation. When you finally get
    the target and guide lines matching, the measurement on the bottom left side will indicate
    your target inclination.
  • If your target object is far, use the zoom slider to bring it closer on the screen.
  • © 2009 - Salvador Ponticelli