RealCam for iPhone

The best camera experience for your iPhone.

Everything you need to control and set up your camera is in the live preview screen with built-in touches.

Macworld review:
"The little improvements that Real Cam SP add to the picture-taking capabilities of the iPhone add up for a much better photo-taking experience with Apple’s mobile phone."


  • Show grid lines. Guide to 1/3 rule
  • Self Timer: 2, 5, 10 sec (tap the timer icon to change values)
  • Beep sound On/Off for self timer countdown
  • Stabilized camera: waits until camera is stabilized to shot the picture (help to make sharp pictures) or 12 sec timer,
    whatever happens first.
  • Filters [F] BW (Black and White) and Sepia
  • White Balance [WB] : 5 target points allow you to point a "should be white" color in the picture. Improve the full
    range of colors. (no effective in extreme low light conditions)
  • Play button: display on screen the latest picture taken
  • Latest picture can be moved and scaled with touch gestures and it goes full screen when double tapped (at any time when active)
  • Autorotate latest picture shows the image always up-side up
  • Visual level
  • 2 Picture size options:
    [800] takes 800x600 pictures (default at startup)
    [1600] takes 1600x1200 pictures
    [2048] takes 2048x1536 pictures (only on iPhone 3Gs)
  • Digital Zoom allows you to take only what you want. A smaller picture will be saved.
  • © 2009 - Salvador Ponticelli